short films  |  music videos  |  actor showreels (which is just another form of short film, really)  |  ads for social media, the list goes on.
anything that involves working with talented and dedicated actors and creatives.
lockdown ex. 1
2 min short film - 1st mobile phone filmmaking exercise
entry for the roger corman quarantine film challenge
directed and written by aydan wilder. actress: diana Prelipcean
'Accordeon to me'
short film - 48h film challenge london 2017

directed by aydan wilder (tair) | writer: joe yaffie | Editor: marco ciccotti

audience choice award nominee

Excerpt from 'la ronde'
Showreel scene
director | Cinematographer: aydan wilder  |  writer: max Gill  |  DOP: Matthew thomas
showreel scene
director  |  cinematographer: aydan wilder  |  adapted by: john shemmings
'train like roland'
social media ad
written and directed by aydan wilder  |  camera and editing: Marco ciccotti

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