'train like roland'
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written and directed by aydan wilder  |  camera and editing: Marco ciccotti
I have and continue to shoot showreels. 
Pricing depends on the length and complexity of the script, but if it's an interesting story, I'm more than happy to do a discount. Please get in touch for more info.
written by max gill  |  cinematography and directed by aydan wilder 

|  DOP Matthew Thomas
adapted by john shemmings  |  Cinematography and directed by aydan wilder
theatre video
London's foremost theatre videographer (self-proclaimed), I have filmed over 100 theatre performances, comedy shows and live events over the past year and a half (2018.5 - 2020) 
From some of this footage, I created the first online fringe festival during the covid lockdown of 2020. 
pricing varies by gig and season so please get in touch.

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