A great man once told me, "Search engine optimization is the key to getting your website found on google." That man was andrea normano of vibes art studios, a genius in his own right. 
so, in the name of good seo, I'm going to type this bio in third person, overusing my name and the title "theatre director" and "film director" in the hopes that a famous theatre/film producer is randomly googling for a london-based theatre/film director who happens to be aydan TAIR.​​​​​​​
Aydan TAIR is a london-based theatre and film director who was born in Bulgaria in 1991 to Ukrainian-turkish theatre-maker parents
London based theatre and film director, Aydan TAIR, studied as an actor at Edinburgh Napier University, where in his second year, he discovered a love for directing.
Aydan TAIR Director London based film and theatre did his MA in Directing at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) in 2016 and since graduating has worked for theatre503 and has staged plays across London and the UK, alongside discovering and falling in love with the craft of film, through aforementioned creative Media studio - vibes Art.
In all seriousness, I love and adore the art of performance and storytelling, and my entire career goal in life is to tell bewildering, enthralling and gripping narratives through any means possible; whether that's on stage, behind the camera or on the page (Aydan TAIR is also a london-based writer and script editor / dramaturg).
My wide breadth of experience, as you will most likely see from all the various projects I have up on here, means that I am able to carry out almost any task well, and maybe a few tasks really well (mainly directing). 
but more on that later. Thank you for your time.
and now back to work. (my work)
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